Video Camera Wireless Baby Monitor Night Vision with LCD Display System with Audio and Video

Screen View High Clear Voice Two Way Talkback System

Long-distance digital signal free of interference, high contrast vision and quality.



Camera features

Give the child the freedom of movement and flexibility of parents and mothers with 24 hours safe surveillance without concern

The possibility to speak and play the music with the volume control and the alarm feature also

Portable trouble-free control ...

A versatile wireless video camera

It can be used in the care of the elderly, supermarkets, offices and safe companies

High quality LCD monitor screen is the best way for all parents and babysitters



 Vision Night

In addition to high visibility and high quality during and during the day

Integrated infrared allows children to see at night and in the dark at high quality

Other advantages

The camera and the receiver are used to send the 2.4GHz signal

Transmission range reaches 50 meters indoor, 260 meters outdoor



Technical Specifications

Long battery life: 8 hours

Support Multi-language: Arabic / English / French / Spanish / Italian / German

Transmission frequency: 2400/2480 MHZ

Transmission power: 17 dBm

Spread spectrum: TDMA / AFH

Modulation mode: GFSK

Operating humidity: up to 85%

Operating temperature: 10 - 50 ° C / 14 - 122 ° F

Screen size: 2 inches

Screen Type: LCD

Screen resolution: 176 x 220

Battery: 220 mA

Number of Chargers: 2 Charger

Weight: 500 grams

Dimensions: 6.3 x 12.6 x 2.7 cm 

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Wireless Baby Monitor Camera

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